Trade Policy

The trade-in value of your books is usually ½ of our selling price. There is no cash value on trade credit so the trade credit cannot be converted to cash, but it is good while there is activity on the account. Accounts dormant/inactive for 10 years or longer will be purged from our system.

Our Policy

Trade credit helps you get 50% off your purchases of used books, greeting cards, and wooden toys / puzzles.
Trade credit may be used for up to 25% off new books. The remaining balance of your purchase must be in cash or charge. Example: For a $5.00 used book purchase, $2.50 must be in cash or charge and $2.50 of trade credit may be used.
In order to offer you quality used books, we are selective about the books we take in trade. Books may not be taken if …
  • We have several copies
  • That author or subject is not selling
  • The books are damaged in some way (shabby, torn, coverless, loose pages, mildew)
The following types of books have little or no market value and we regret that we may be unable to use them:
  • Reader's Digest Cond. Books
  • Most Book Club Fiction
  • Most Numbered Romances
  • Most Old Popular Fiction
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Damaged Books
Different books - book trading in Salem, OR

Book Prices

Paperbacks are ½ of the cover price unless otherwise marked with a white sticker. Hardbacks are priced inside the front cover, usually on the first white page of the book.
Paperbacks with white stickers are specially priced because of demand and the difficulty of replacing our stock.
Trade credit can be used by anyone you wish.
Give us a call at (503) 588-3166 for more information about our trade policy!