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Reader's Guide has been a leading new and used book store for over 30 years, which makes us the oldest Independent bookstore in Salem. We carry a variety of new and used books, greeting cards, gifts, puzzles and much more. We also host book signings for authors on any given Saturday. Our team of book experts is waiting to hear how we can help with your book search.
Books in a bookshelf -  book stores in Salem, OR
Bookshelf -  book stores in Salem, OR

Hear From Our Customers

"Nice book selection, friendly people and easy parking. Great store great prices and great staff. So many books!"
- Shane P.
"It's a bookstore. What's not to love!? They also have a great selection of cards."
- Becky B.
"It has a very large selection of used books a good prices. Sections are divided by subject and books alphabetically like usual. The only short coming is they do not have a searchable data base of their stock. But this means some leisurely searching can be necessary. This leads to finding volumes you didn't know you wanted."
- rOBIN z
Call us at (503) 588-3166 to hear about our about our new and used books.